Pass X-250 Owners Power Cable of Choice

I am looking to hear from Pass X-250 amp owners to know what power AC cables they are using and if they have done any power cable comparisions. I have dedicated AC lines and am using the Audience power cable.


I use older Pass Labs Aleph 2 monos, is that's transferable, and am quite happy with Belden 83802 dediated lines AND PCs. (DIY Kits for which I put together for $32, if I'm allowed to state that.)
The 83802 offers more subtle details than the stock cord, or other $50-200 PCs I've tried, for that matter.
i use aleph 1.2 monoblocks. i've tried custom pc 11, whale eel, harm tech etc... final choice and far from the most expensive: bob crumbs TG hsra serII. this cord is 90% to 95%
of the $500+ cords[black momba, synergistic reserch]
-tight deep bass/well balanced
-clear mids
-clear extended treble-spacial info top flight
THERE are better cords for fine tuning, but bob's cords are great all around, well priced beauties. bob's neural sonic goals are simular to what i imagine the pass people intend to be looking to produce w/ the X-250
I also have dedicated lines if it matters. I also used to own Alephs and can say with all certainty Aleph series equipment and X-Series Pass gear are VERY different. Having said that, I went through a few cables with the Pass X250 before settling on the Syn Research Des Ref Squared.

I used a BMI Eel and Whale, Syn Res's Master and Ref Standard, VdH's Gold, a Delta Labs Power cable, a PS Audio cable with a large conditioner on it, and a few others loaned to me by friends so they could try my cables on their systems. I can not say I have found the "ultimate combo" for an X250 yet, but of the ones I have tried, the Des Ref Squared mated best to my equipment.

I still own and use many of the cables above, just not on a critical piece of equipment. I use them on a Lexicon processor, DVD player, Theater amp or on my TV. They are all good enough for those items.

Best Regards, AaronM
I have the Pass X250 and use the Nordost El Dorado.I was using the Cardas Golden Reference. I also tried the JPS Labs Power AC. I like the Nordost of the 3 so far.
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