Pass X-250 or McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe

OK, here is my question. Do I purchase the Pass X-250 or the McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe, both would be purchased used (Pass $3K-$3K, DNA-2 Deluxe $2K-$2.5K)?

My system consists of Sony SCD-777ES, AZ Silver Ref. ICs, BAT VK-30SE tube preamp (probably upgrade it to 31SE) and B&W 803 Matrix Series II speakers. I want the sound to be sweet, very fast, detailed, airy, smooth, extended, slight warmth, bass slam and mucho dynamics and more.

Has anyone compared these amps?

Thanks your input will be well received.

Personally I don't think Pass is a good match to
B&W speakers. The combo always sounds too analytical
to me. DNA-2 will be a much better match. Belles 250A
and Odyssey stratos are all very good selections.

my 0.02
My vote also for Pass X250, Mccormack sorry in my opinion is not in the same league, email me direct if you have any question.
First, with the high-end system you have and money your looking to spend on an amp, I wouldn't make any decision on an amp without auditioning them in your system and home. You're mixing a tube preamp with a SS amp, so (while rare) there are tech. issues that may impact performance and proper matching.

Instead of these huge single amplifiers, you may want to consider biamping with two smaller amps. Bi-amping almost always yields better results.

As for McCormack versus Pass, I think the McCormack offers great value, but, for elite systems, the upgrades are a necessity. The Rev A Gold upgrades put this amp in rarefied air (the Gold upgrades being the key to super elite performance). You can't beat Pass craftsmanship though, so either way I think you will be happy.
Thanks for all of your responses. I wish that I could audition the amps in my system but since the McCormack is not a current model, the seller is not interested in sending it to me for a home audition.

Everyones comments were well received.

Thanks again.

Happy Listening.