Pass X-250.8, X-250.5 or XA-30.8...or?

I am looking for an amp to drive my Revel Ultima Salon 2's.

I have always loved Pass designs, owning a few of his great amps in the past.

I don't think the 30.8 will drive my Revels. And I'm hearing that there is a noticeable increase in sonic performance between the .5 and .8 amps.
I will be using a Krell EVO-202 as the pre.

Would love to hear your thoughts and observations.
I need a reliable amp as I live in Hawaii and shipping stuff to get it repaired gets really costly! 


I have two friends with Salon2's and they both have Pass X350.8 amps. Incredible pairing and they are using ARC Ref 6 preamps. You really need some power to help the Salon2's to open up.
What's the size of your room?
Do you listen at a high SPL?
These will have an impact on your choice...
I have the X250.8 with Legacy Signature SE speakers in a 17x12x8 room, and that's good enough for me @ 75db-84db
That being said, you can't have too much power :-)
Pass labs X350.8 or X260.8 monos. The salon 2 need power to open up.
Im using Pass 350.8 most of the time its running in class a wonderful stage,bass definition,stage and great highs etc. Great I'm running Magico Q3 speakers which need lots of power.Enjoy!!
Many thanks for the input.
It's a fairly large space.......hexagonal with 18' long walls so I'm reading that you all think a 350 would be a better choice.
I would like monos but it's not really practical in my situation.
Is there a lot of difference between the .5 and .8 series?
Probably going to buy used or demos.

for me, the X250.8 was a significant upgrade from the X250.5      Same for a friend who did the same upgrade

how about a Krell EVO power amp?

for those that stepped up from a Pass Labs .5 series to a .8, tell me about the sonic difference(s)?

There was a group A/B done between the .8 and the .5 here.

Cheers George
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Mahalo George.
Very enlightening but still confusing :-)

I just had a really nice and educational chat with [email protected] HiFi. And his recommendation was for a X250.8. He thinks it is more than powerful enough for my Revels and would match my taste in music better than the 350.8. He has a pair too so I guess he knows what gets them going! Looks like I have my next amp picked out :-)
Thanks again for all the advise guys!

Good choice!!!
You'll enjoy it..
He said that they were voiced slightly differently and that the 250 was more Jazz and the 350 more Rock. But mainly that the Revels would be very happy with the 250's output, even in my large space.
It's going to be good to get Mr.Pass back in my life :-)

I enjoy Jazz and Rock, which amp for both?
My Studio 2’s are driven extremely well by a 250.8. I never feel I need more power, no matter how loud I listen (I can easily exceed 100dB). The pairing sounds superb.
Agreed zavato-

I want to crank it up as well. Easily over 100dB.