Pass X-250.5 or Plinius SA-103

I've ben going back and forth. Would like to go to Pass XA but can't afford it. What's the better choice here??? I'm thinking the 125 watt in class a would be better. I've never heard the SA-103. Some say the Plinius amps are noisy, but I have the itch to try one. Any thoughts?

speakers - DeVore Fidelity Nines
preamp- Pass Labs X-1
source- Esoteric X03-se
BPT 2.5 sig power conditioner
cables- Audiopath silver 8
Coming from a biased Plinius SA-102 owner, I'd definitely go with the class A warmth and smoothness of the SA-103... and your speakers are efficient and would not benefit from the extra power of the Pass X-250.5.

Other nice advantages with the SA-103...
A. Toggle mute / standby switch
B. Toggle option of running in class A or class A/B
C. It's "Green"... only draws 40 WPC in standby mode
D. Smaller footprint than the Pass X-250.5

I've never had a problem with my SA-102 in two years of ownership... not even a blown fuse.
If money is an issue, I am downsizing and going back to the Pass Labs Aleph series. Still great amps with many models to choose from. I have been running one Aleph 3 with my Audio Physic Virgo IIs with great results (30w into 8ohms,60 into 4ohms). I have another one the way so I will be verticlly bi-amping for extra headroom. My Virgos are a tougher load than your Nines...4ohms at 90db. I am downsizing but got a chance to hear a Pass X-0.2 in my system and put my X-1 up for sale (big upgrade). My favorite the Aleph 2 is for sale on Audiogon....I do not know the seller! They are not the biggest mono blocks in the Aleph line but very sweet!
Does the Aleph 3 have balanced or single ended only?
The Aleph 3 is single ended. I think the other Alephs were single ended or balanced (with the exception of the 0s ?)
or maybe pick up an old Krell KSA-50/100

those were great amps years ago, and would work well
Correcto. The Aleph O and Os have both single-ended and balanced inputs. But I've not been able to produce the performance level of my X350.5 with my Aleph Os, probably because my speakers need more power than what the Os can deliver? Speakers are Verity Parsifal Encores.

I have never owned a Pass, but the warmth and smoothness of a plinius would never disappoint.
I think if you like the Plinius amps, to my ears it is similar in presentation to both the the Aleph and the X series Pass equipment, depending on the position of the bias switch. I had the SA-100 and would compare it to the X-150 Pass A/B design. When switched into high bias class A very similar to the Pass Aleph 4...but I found the Aleph to be the most musical to my ears...a little magic!
I have owned Pass XA-60.5's, and just about every amp you can imagine (AR (VT 100MKII and solid state), BAT, Rowland, Krell, VAC, NAD Master Series, Music Reference, and lots more). Just tonight, I installed a Plinius SA 103.

Maybe I am just in a good mood tonight, but I am telling the entire audio world that this amp is a giant killer. I absolutely loved my Pass Amps; I regreted selling them until tonight. The Pass XA's were the best solid state I have ever owned. And a Nelson Pass design may be the right amp for you (but I would stay with XA is you can as my Pass X150.5 seemed a little boring by comparison)!

But let me tell you, this Plinius does exactly what I want an amp to do. Imaging the likes of which I have never heard. Punch and good dynamics without sounding at all forward or pushy. Dead quiet. Did I mention the sound stage and the revealing sound without a hint of analytical-type sound?

Just a great amp. I hope to have it for many, many years.

Like both Pass and Plinius.

The Plinius, with higher gain and input impedance, is more friendly to tube and passive "preamps". That and the swiss army knife versatility was my most deciding factors.

Pass, especially the XA series, are almost overbuilt. Truly outstanding build quality. Respect.

Pass is fully differential. Plinius only becomes differential as a bridged monoblock.

Something about the SE Alephs and XA-series that don't lend themselves toward deep bass, which wasn't an issue for myself, being active biamped. Same can be said for the Monarchy SE-100, although it only compares to the Pass in one topology terminology and use of MOSFETs. Understand the XA.5 improved in that regard. The Plinius is certainly not bass shy and I prefer it's handling of the bass to what I would call "overly tight-fisted" of some other brands.

Most of the Plinius noise issues date back before the dual transformer, mkIII series and are more related to contamination of the AC in the homes. In those rare cases, it can be usually fixed with DC blockers or a remote isolation transformer. If not, even after that, every manufacturer occasionally gets a bad transformer and can be warrantee repaired without sending back to NZ.

The Plinius SA sound is not everyone's cup of tea. It's soundstage is stable and not "bloomy" while still being dynamic. More "natural" than "impressive".

One odd thing that I encountered about the Plinius, but have never heard by others, is that it seems sensitive to mismatched speaker cables or, by extension, possibly some speakers and vulnerable to oscillation. Perhaps it was just a freak occurrence but was also easily remedied. I tend to find the breaking points of a lot of stuff.
i have both plinius sa 102 and the aleph 5 in the past i use to have krell ksa 50 , 100 ,cello , electrocompaniet, vac pa 100,atmosphere tube 60
jadis let me tell you tubes are lovely but premium tube like dos they becoming scarce or difficult to get and by the way very expensive amp company comes and go(out of business) like cello,audio research bought out by harman my advice stick to solid company like cj vac pass labs plinius,where you can get supports for parts and reliable service 
now let get to rumble plinius sonic is the best high end power amp got the power to move anything without degrading the signal in other words
need watts to push your speakers without losing the musicality focal soundstage,image,and tonal integrity you can go wrong with plinius now
in the aleph 5 60 watts single end pure class a its a different sonic picture more transparent. more extension bass ,highs fq bandwidth its more extended than plinius the mid on the aleph 5 more tubelike more organic and wonderfull tonal texture and musical instrument is more accurate in his content of tonal color the aleph 5 is my choice because its more clean without stress remember the aleph 5 is single end pure class A  with more inner detail and space the plinius is class ab and class a simulated thru bias but his virtue wonderful high power amp
with excellent sonic character clean excellent soundstage good highs
but not extended like aleph 5 plinius fq response is 20 to 20khz tubelike
the aleph is 45khz 25 more kHz more harmonic extension plinius great mid after the aleph these two poses the best mid i ever heard on solid state amp i am afraid to said better than a lot tubes amps that i audition
that sound raspy the sa102 and aleph is cleaner the bass contest the plinius has a bit more bass a hair or two and a bit more rounded the aleph is more tight my reference is the following linn lp 12 all option
ortofon rondo red,kiseki lapizazuli.einstein phonopreamp,sonus faber
amator exacta first version ,raidho, magnepan 47 labs shigeraki cd conrad johnson premier 17 preamp with nos amperex pq 6922 d getter
cello encore preamp jenas labs cable with power cond