Pass X-2.5 -vs- Pass Aleph P, What Differences?

This thread is for people who have owned, compared, or heard both of these preamps:
What are the sonic differences between the Pass Labs X-2.5 and the Pass Labs Aleph P preamps?
What are the sonic advantages and disadvantages of each in comparison to one another?
Which is overall the most detailed and transparent?
Which is the most neutral?
Which has the best bass and dynamics?
Which has the best top-end air and extension?
Thanks for your responses!
The P is a warmer sounding preamp with slightly less overall bass control. The X 2.5 will offers better frequency extremes, tighter bass control, slightly faster, slightly more dynamic, with slightly more details. I would say that the 2.5 is more neutral and transparent too.

That being said it all comes down to what you are looking for in your system and how it mates with your amp of which I have no experinece with.

Happy Listening.
I concur with Bigkidz observations, as well as deeper darker backgrounds and slightly wider and deeper soundstage, this goes for all the x-series from the x-2 to x-2.5.

Thanks for your responses!