Pass X-150 X Levinson 334

Please,can someone help me to choose between the Pass X-150,and Levinson 334?
This is a tough one. They are both awesome peices of equipment. The Levinson has a more realistic sound stage and the mids are more like liquid. I have hears the pass at a dealer on wadia and b&w 803n and it sounded great but I own a 335 and nothing can make me sell it. Pass great equipment. Simular in some respects to the levinson
Hi Famaraca. Pls give more info: Which speakers do you have and what kind of music do you listen to... partnering equip.

Having listened to both with their respective partnering pre, but in DIFFERENT home systems, I lean towards the system with the Pass. Pls note: different systems. I agree with Lev regarding the mid, but could add that the Pass system sounded slightly closer to "natural" sound overall. The music was classical.
Good luck!
Thanks to Lev and Greg
My current front end is:Oracle Delphi+ET-2+Koetsu Rosewood Sig.,Accuphase DP-65V cd player.Krell KSP-7b Pre-Amp and Apogee Caliper Sig.speakers.
I listen mainly to Modern Jazz(DMP,GRP labels)
Do you knows the quality construction?I saw the 334 inside(superb),but not the X-150.
Thank you
The Levinson gear is built better than pretty much anything I have ever seen. There is an audio store in White Plains New York That had a 332 In peices just to show how complex these amps actually are. It blew my mind. The Pass is really good gear. Even so I will never switch from my 335. And the 334 has the same sound just lees power than the 335. You cant go wrong. Even if you didnt like the Levinson (you will) you can get your money back on the used market. Good luck
Famaraca, can you check out the synergy either of these amps w/ your Krell -- I do mean, try it out. This may be a decisive factor (I can't tell offhand -- maybe Lev has knows?). Either amp should drive the speakers superbly...
Pass design & construction are purportedly top-notch; I have never taken one apart. As to Levinsons, see Lev above.
Accuphase, eh, you lucky devil... (I love the sound of those machines).
Good luck!
I sold my #331 in favor of the Pass Labs Aleph 4. I had both in the house for a couple months, going back and forth to make sure I wasn't crazy. The Pass was much more natural and airy. The Lev sounded dull in comparison. I invited some other audiophile friends over to listen and they agreed. I have a comment about Lev335's response. Nelson Pass is proud of his amp design because its NOT complex. In fact the signal path of the Aleph series is only 2 stages and very few components. I think he was on to something there. Pass amps are a solid state equivilent of the Single Ended Triode.
Thge Pass X150 should not be mistaken for the Aleph series of amps produced for several years by Pass Labs. The Aleph series was built by Pass, the X150 is outsourced for the most part. I had one and the heatsinks are cheap and thin, the IEC P/C socket was loose due to the screws being stripped and the sound is nowhere near the other X amps or the Aleph amps and should not even be compared to the Levinson...with your rig the # 334, 335, and so on would be a great addition. Build quality is superb, the sound, once fully broken in is excellent, and the resale value extremely high. Notice that the X150 sells used for the mid 2k range, while even older #331 amps from Levinson sell for 2.5-3k. Mgl123's report on the Aleph 4 is very accurate, between it, the Aleph 1.2's and the 2's, it would be a coin toss over a levinson, it really matters what is in your system in addition to the amp. The X150 is a horse of a different which I believe would end up sounding more like an expensive millstone...
A bit of advice. The new series Levinson 34 335 336 is much more open and airy and the bass is much much better than the older 300 series levinson They started using the same boards from the 33h mono blocks. Good luck You will be happy either way you go but the Lveinson is a KEEPER
You need to listen for yourself on your system - what sounds good on one system may not make it in another. I compared the Pass 350 to the Levinson 335 on Revel Salons and with these speakers the Levinson was much better. The Pass sounded bright and unnatural with the Revels. Of course, Revel and Levinson are from the same company so they form a synergy. I imagine that with some combinations the Pass may surpass the Levinson. Overall, however, the 334 will be hard to beat - it's a great sounding amp and a good value for the money.