Pass vs Levinson

pass x350 or ml336?
Listen ! We can not help you. We don't know rest of the equipment, cables, room, music preferences. As you are down to two choices, you luckier than most of us. Both are very fine pieces of equipment. Get dealer loaners and listen !

Although I agree that it is difficult to make a recommendation based on so little information, I don't think that ranting at someone serves any purpose other than to make the ranter feel superior to the rantee. I would suggest that you either express your opinions in a more civilized manner or refrain from commenting.
I emphasize with both Bruce and Ikarus. They both express valid points. It is clearly possible that Ikarus is coming off in a Suprior vantage point it is also is possible that Bruce is just expressing fact. Levinson and Pass are both very nice but synergy is nearly everthing. Just taking an important middle ground. Respecting all rational opinions like those expressed by Bruce and Ikarus.
Bruce, I don't know what is uncivilized with my wording above. Question is simply 'A or B'. Answer is 'listen'. A'gon is full of 'A or B' questions. Most of them with ample background. You are critisizing my wording, but, yourself won't give a straight answer. It is not even clear what is expected from this question. Say your answer is Pass, mine ML. Is it of ANY use ? Does awa@ benefit from this answer ? No. So, why mince words ? It is exactly my wording : 'We can not help you. We don't know enoug... Listen'.

When you said "Listen! We can not help you." I took it as the equivalent of shouting at the poster. As in, Listen up to what I'm saying you idiot, we don't have time for this type of post.

I now now see that your intention may have been to encourage him to listen to the amps, not to what you had to say. If your intention was the latter, then I apologize and hope you will accept. It is so easy to misinterpret the written word because you don't have the benefit of listening to emphasis and inflection like you do when listening to the spoken word.

I don't have an answer for him because I have never heard a Pass amp.
No problem Bruce. That was the intention.

On another note (now I will rant), this is the exact type of questions which causes more and more a'gon regulars leave the discussion forums. When I want to buy a new piece of equipment (especially $$$$ ones), I first do my homework : read the mags, go to the dealers for initial impression, go to the web, check company background, ask for a loaner, etc etc.

Only after all these, if I'm still undecided, I may come back to a'gon and say 'I have X, Y & Z; I auditioned A & B; liked both, but still can not decide. Is there a C which I have missed ?'.

I think, 'A or B' question, in the stated form, should NOT be asked in these forums.
an upgrade question!
an upgrade question !
I own a Pass X-3 3 channel I got to round out my home theater rig. I hooked it up to my main speakers to burn it in and was shocked at the speed, tranparencey and overall lack of coloration. I am now replacing my main amp with a pair of Pass X600s. I have not lived with levinson gear but I have listened to a great deal of it and strikes me as being darker and slightly slower than the Pass. If you have great upstream components, the Pass will really let them shine. My Linn CD12 has never sounded so fast.