Pass vs. Bryston with MG3.6´s?

How would you describe the sonic difference between the Pass XA.5-series and Bryston SST2? Both seem to be a popular choice with Magnepans.
I love Bryston's with Maggies, but..... nothing sounds better with Maggies, or almost any speaker, than Pass Labs.

Possibly the best amps built.
Bryston's are awesome with Maggies, but IMO, Nelson Pass, rules! If I won the Power Ball Lotto, I would select almost any speaker around Pass Labs. Yeah... Pass Labs is pricier, but what the hell, if you won the lotto.
I bought Magnepan 3.6s and Bryston 4B-SST2 this last spring. IF I had a lot more money i would have bought the Pass amps. BUT I didn't have a lot more money so the Bryston will do. (and I am happy)
Thanks for your input, but WHY do you prefer Pass over Bryston?
I had the pleasure of trying out a pair of the Magnepan 1.7 with an old set of Threshold SA 1 Optical Class A monoblock amps and of course my Pass Labs X350.5. Both amplification set ups being designed by Nelson Pass. I could not find better amps for the new Magenpan 1.7s
I have always found Bryston to be a little bright. Can't beat Pass for smooth and "musical" sound. Look at the reviews, there has never been anything but rave reviews for the Pass products.

Pass has earned my business for life.