PASS SR1 anyone ?

Hi ,

I am looking for someone to share his thoughts on pass sr1 loudspeakers.
currently I have PS audio ds dac +transport ,
pass x350.5 and KEF reference 207/2 with cardas clear cable ..
I live in Bulgaria and here we have a pass dealer ,but due to our small market I cannot even think that he will import these only to make comparison with mine.(although he gave me the x350.5 for home audition vs my old krell FPB300 and AFTER the pass broke in (btw before I wasn't shure) Ive paid it immediately )
Anyway I have a good offer for the from abroad and I cannot go there ,so any thoughts will be highly appreciated especially from MR. Pass.
in the near future I plan to upgrade my amp with the xa200.5 or maybe xs 150...
nobody ?
I saw that you posted the question on diyaudio, I'm surprised Nelson hasn't answered there, he most likely will. In the mean time, the link below request a demo of Pass goods. Input what you are after and you will hear from them. Good Luck, Tim