Pass & Seymour Electrical Outlets

I've recently seen several threads containing kudos for these outlets. I've heard their prices are reasonable to somewhat outlandish. Does anyone know about these duplexes? Anyone made a comparison of these to Hubbel or Leviton?
Pass and Seymour make high quality devices that are highly regarded in the trade. I use their industrial specification grade receptacles(hard use)in my system and think they are excellent. They feature solid brass triple-wipe contacts that REALLY GRIP plugs. I bought mine for 9.00/ea. from a place called Check out any of the "spec grade" receptacles. Ken
I had written about Pass Seymour in an earlier thread. I use them for the same reason that Kennyd does. Not only does their design really grip a plug, they also have screw terminals that can be tightened down on the feed wire (up to a #10 AWG) very securely without stripping. Everything just "feels right" when both installing and using.
I use the Pass & Seymour 5242 and also the 5342 spec grade. I've compared 15 different types of outlets. Hubbel, & Leviton included and through listening test have settled on the Pass & Seymour. My decision was heavily swayed by Bob Crump of T.G. Audio who has performed similiar listening test. I didn't compare any of the expensive outlets because I build and sell cheaper power cords and most of my customers are looking for something that is reasonable. I sell the Pass & Seymours for $8.95 per duplex but you can pick them up at Menards for less. They really make a tight connection with the Pass & Seymour AC plugs I use on the power cords. I recommend them to anyone who buys a cable.
What About Arrow Hart top brass series, hospital grade stuff, is it any good or better--what model would work?