Pass Preamps

There seems to be a lot of discussion and enthusiasm for Pass amps, but does anyone care about their preamps?

What is the best preamp to match to the monster Pass Amps?
Cwlondon, Pass's preamps are quite good and are very competitive with many other brands at there different price ranges. The reference X0.2 which is a three chassis piece is quite special and one of the best preamps in the world. All of Pass's preamps have historically been very highly reviewed and sold well, but I believe Nelson Pass's legendary status as a designer, fairly or unfairly, rests on his amp designs, which goes all the way back to his Threshold days. In my system, after audtioning many SS/tube preamps to power my Pass Labs 350.5 and Threshold SA-1's, I bi-amp my MG-20R's, I finally decided on a Placette dual active line stage. It was the best for my ear's and somewhat of a bargain at $4500.00 when you consider it replaced a ML-32 that cost $14000.00 in my system!
I listened to Apogee Duetta Signatures in a system using a Pass preamp. Sorry I don't remember which model but I do remember it to be a very good preamp by my standards.

I can't say I have tried that many combinations of preamps but I have been very happy with my Pass X-1 pre and X-250 amp combination. For years I had been using a Camelot D/A converter with volume control as my pre and really enjoyed the transparency and delicacy of the sound. Replacing the Camelot with the Pass X-1 sacrificed ever so slightly the transparency but what really surprised me was the fullness of the sound and quality of the bass. Better than my older BAT VK3i pre but with more transparency.

Call me picky but my only nits are with the functionality of the units. The remotes are big, chunky, aluminum bricks with four buttons that mimick the front panel controls; except for volume. So if you have the display turned off and you want to change the volume with the remote you have to turn the display on, scroll through all the functions to the volume setting, then change the volume. If you want the display off again you then must scroll back to display and turn off. Not that big a deal but a dedicated volume control on the remote would have eliminated all that. BAT preamps on the other hand have some of the best remotes I have ever used. Yes.... I'm lazy.

Sound quality is great, solid while being very transparent. I love the Industrial design. Needs a dedicated volume control on the remote. Very happy with the purchase.
i had a pass x2.5 preamp and plinius sa-102 for a brief period. to me, the pass preamp was just too cold and analytical sounding to my ears. i'm currently using a supratek chardonnay for pre and a pair of cary slm-200 for amps so my leaning is towards the more "romantic" side as it were. i do miss the punchiness of the plinius though.
The couple I heard were really nice.
I owned the X-1 and X-250 for many years. It was one of the best SS preamps and amps that I heard especially for the used prices they go for. To me a SS component will not sound the same as a tube unit. You gain some benefits with each so it is up to what you prefer. The Pass gear mates very well together.

Happy Listening.