Pass & Plinius Amps

Generally speaking, how does the sound/performance of amplifiers within these 2 lines compare? Is one better-suited
for running Totem Forests? Does one line display more tube-like traits than the other?

I have the Plinius 8200 integrated now, but am considering an upgrade to seperates.

I have heard both but not on the same system

a guess would be that in most cases, Pass would be more neutral and Plinius more 'tubelike' in tonal character.

A Plinius SA100 MKIII is what I settled for, in leu of a tube amp, a few years back.
Not heard Pass, but I own the Plinius SA102. In Class A, it's amazing what kind of projection it gives the electrostats I have. It's a great amp and one that you should keep an eye out for. Audition both and decide.

THe cool thing about the Plinius is the toggle switch that allows for A/B bias for regular, background listening... and Class A bias for critical listening.

And the switch will pull in the "fuzzies" from around the vocal image inwards to a sort of dense ball of vocal focus and pull out the singer a bit more forward while distancing the drums further in the back... it's a real cool aural phenomenon when you have someone else switch the Class A bias on while you're listening in the listening chair.
It depends on which Pass amps you're talking about?
I run X250.5 with Audio Research LS-25 tubed preamp with B&W N803 speakers. Very nice.

So I guess it will also depend on which preamp you will pair the amp with.

I heard my amp with Totem Mani-2 Sig and it was excellent with Audio Research tubed pre.
I think Totems benefit from more power, so you may want to cosider Pass X250.5 amp if you also want more power than Plinius.
Pass X.5 amps are smooth sounding. I've read that the X.5 series is supposed to be smoother than the previous X series, but I have not heard the previous amps.

I've heard Plinius but not in my system. Sounds great paired with the right speakers. What is your goal as far as sound? What are you looking for from the amp?
In any case, either amp paired with a good preamp will be a nice step up from your integrated, IMO.
Pass will probably be a bit more neutral and dynamic but it will not be cold sounding, if that's what you're worried about. Also, with Pass you have transferrable warranty if you buy used, as long as the amp is not older than 3 years. I don't think with Plinius you have this.