Pass M2 so good, $80K Pass mono that much better?

Not long ago, I bought, and then decided to keep, a Pass First Watt M2 amp. The M2 is so incredibly good, I can't wrap my mind around how good can their latest 80K mono-blocs sound?

I can't make sense of it, and I'm not in any way criticizing Pass Labs, or anyone that buys equipment priced at this level. I can't imagine an amp sounding that much better, regardless of cost. But then, I don't get out much.

Nelson really did set the bar pretty high with the M2, at least in my situation. Opinions are wecome.
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Cannot agree more about the M2. I recently purchased one to mate with my Spendor SP 1/2s and Quicksilver pre and am gobsmacked at how utterly natural this amp conveys music. IMO, it is a hidden gem, and I also cannot imagine how good Pass's higher-priced offerings must be. For the first time in a LONG time, I have zero urge to tinker with my setup. Aaah, thank you Mr. Pass. M2 review on AG pending, btw.
Perhaps the law of diminishing returns applies, or one would need the appropriate room/speakers to appreciate the differences, or you just don't know what you're missing?
I spoke to Nelson yesterday, via email, and asked him the very same question. He said he was not surprised that my speakers were a good match, as the M2 was voiced using the 15" version of Tannoy HPD speakers, mine being 12"

He also, admirably, stated unfortunately, that sound quality does not ascend commensurate with price.

I appreciate his honesty, and our exchange made me feel more 'grounded', if you will.

Should $80k amp have lifetime warranty?
My $22k Subaru does(engine and tranny)!
That was a very honest admission from Nelson Pass. There's no reason to
assume in terms of "sound quality" you'd be happier with the
bigger amplifier than your First Watt. It really depends on what speaker
you're trying to drive.He has always stressed the importance of matching
an amplifier to a given speaker's load characteristics.The First Watts are
pure class A with simple straight forward circuits and low parts count.
That's a good blueprint for excellent sound.Dan, seems you have two
exceptional amplifiers now.
Has anyone compared the M2 to the SIT-1's?