Pass Labs Xs preamplifier VS. XP-30

I understand their price difference is big. But I want to know their sonic difference.

BTW, I want to know if it is a good idea to use Xs preamp to match X.5 series power-amp.

Fianlly, any good reviews on Xs preamp?

Please advice. Thank you!
any response? thanks!
The Anthony Cordesman TAS review compares the XS to XP-30.
He concludes its better.
But in my reading of the review, it seems you're paying a lot of $'s for that last 1% of improvement.

let's just say that I am a believer (no pun) in the Pass brand. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of spending some time w/ the XP-20 pre amp. It is hard to imagine anything better the XP-30 or Xs...whichever model you choose you will be rewarded in pure bliss.
Keep us posted and happy listening!
thank you Tobes and Jafant!
hi Jafant,

Do you mean these preamps (XP-20, XP-30 and Xs) have no significant differences in their sounding character?

I say go with the Xs. Or, you could buy a Toyota 4Runner SUV. Either one.
Hi everyone,

(1) will the adjustable output gain control (Slave Main output) degrade the quality of sound when using bi-amping configuration?

(because there is one more "volume control" on the signal path)

(2) Is there any difference between the volume control and output gain control of these two preamps.?

Does anyone know that?

thank you!