Hi there everyone. I am new to Agon and a new audiophile as well.

I am using modwright LS 36.5 Dual Mono Preamp w separate power supply with pass labs xa 100 monoblocks driving my dynaudio temptation w transparent ultra / cardas GR cables.

I am considering the pass labs xp20 preamp due to its accuracy , detail , speed and resolution based on reviews. I also like the warm tube texture of my MW. I havent tried the xp20 coz pass labs products are by order to my country.

This may not be an upgrade based on price but im expecting a good synergy for the pass xp20 to my xa 100.

Is it worth it ? Has anyone have tried these two preamp w d pass xa 100 ?

Thank you very much in advance to your thoughts and comments for this.
Since no one else has responded, I'll try. I am not sure what sound you are after based your desire for both "accurate, detail speed and resolution" and that you "like the warm tube texture". These pre-amps are very different in sound. One of the best reviews of the XP20 I've read (and I owned one for awhile) is this one:

The last sentence is the most important one - "Tube aficianados would probably not like this preamp". I agree and maybe you would not like it as much as your MW. The reviewer clearly says elsewhere that he prefers both tubes and solid state in his sytem and is sounds like you do too. You will get better bass and more detail with the XP-20.

Interestingly the XP-30 is reviewed in the same on-line magazine and it apparently sounds very different from the XP-20 and it is recommended with solid state amps - maybe that would work for you. Also, I'm wondering whether you might get better results upgrading your amp instead to an XA 100.5. I would read others review of making that change here and on other sites. Good luck.
The XP 20 is a perfect match for the XA 100 amps.

I use an XP-30 (XP 20 gets pretty close to the XP 30 sound) and XA 100.5's. You cannot go wrong matching pass gear with other pass gear. Think synergy.
For what it is worth, I tried a Pass XP10 with my class A monoblocks, and send it straight back. I then bought the Modwright 36.5 LS/PS, liked it much better and kept it. Not sure how things will work out in your system, but it is a big leap of faith, with no guarantee you will like the Pass better than the Modwright. Only way to find out is to try. Get a dealer demo or a used XP20 for a good price, and resell it if you don't like it better than the Modwright.
My sincere thanks for all of your replies to my thread.

I was just thinking if i will get the Pass XP30 it might end all worries
that i have in mind between the XP20 & my MW LS 36.5 DM.

I expect that it will be the sure winner without shootouts.
Do you have the XA100 or the XA100.5? They are quite different sounding and perhaps that change would be better for you. If you already have the 100.5, then the XP20 would be excellent and XP30 even more so.
Peterayer ,

Yes , i am using pass xa 100.5 monobloc class A 100 watts and i have the instinct of going to pass xp20 preamp for the synergy but not yet xp30 coz of funding concern.

Im afraid that i will miss out the tube sound texture of MW LS 36.5 DM over the xp20.Which one do you think between the xp20 or xp30 sounds like tube preamp.
I own the XP-20/XA160.5 combination. I think it's great, but I'll admit I have little experience with electronics other than Pass in my system. I have tried a couple of tube pre amps but they did not work with the XA100.5 when I had that amp.

The synergy between Pass products is very good.

I have not heard the XP30, but a couple owners have told me it is a big step up from the 20 and is a bit "warmer". Whether that means it sounds more like tubes, I don't know.

As Pass is difficult to audition in your location, I suppose I would keep your tube pre and enjoy it until you have the funds for the XP-30. It's brand new, so prices will come down on the used market at some point. Sorry, I can't help you more.

I'm using a Pass XP-20 with a Rowland 625 in my system right now. My source is an Electrocompaniet EMC-1Up, my speakers are Avalon Avatar.
I know the XP-30 is supposed to be better than the XP-20,
I'm so happy right now I'm in no hurry to move up to the XP-30........
I recently recommended this preamp to another Agoner in a private email... Its not everyones cup of tea, but seems to answer what you are looking for.. The reviews are outstanding and all say this pre bridges the gap between ss & tubes, they also say is world class.. I hope this helps, Tim
Spread Spectrum Technologies... Ambrosia. I believe there is one listed on Agon now (not mine, nor do I know the seller)