Pass Labs XP10 or Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE

This thread is intended for those who have experience with both preamps, primarily. But feedback from those who have one or the other is welcomed.

I really like the idea of a no-gain preamp. I normally wouldn't consider something like the W4S for my set-up, except that what it lacks in appearance (external), it seems to actually possess(internal). I have a Pass Labs X250.5 which has 26/30 dB of gain on it's own. While I would love to have an aesthetically matching/pleasing system (all Pass), the sound still has to determine my purchase. The W4S could also potentially save me some coin in the process.

I am currently unable to hear either preamp so I am trying to get impressions from current owners of either, or both, product(s).

I own the Pass XP10. I haven't heard the STP.
I did have an X1 before the XP10. The XP10 is just another level better than the X1.
The X1 had 31 volume steps, and really didn't go low enough in volume with my Electrocompaniet CD player going into it, in balanced mode.
The XP10 has 64 volume steps, it can go very low in volume level, without losing deatail or bass information.
The XP10 has better detail, it's readily apparent.
I do live very close to high tension electrical lines, along a canal. My X1 would pick up noise through the umbilical cord to the power supply, on high electrical demand days here in Phoenix, if I tried to place the power supply on the floor. The XP10 is absolutely silent.
I did own the BAT VK31-SE. The X1 beat it in soundstage & bass slam. The BAT had better detail in single ended mode. The XP10 beats both in balanced or single ended mode.
The remote on the XP10 is also much better (easier & faster to use) than the X1 remote.
There was 1 feature on the X1 that the XP10 does not have -
remote control switching between hi/lo gain. I just leave the XP10 in high gain, to accommodate the single ended output on my Oppo BluRay player.
I also can't hear the STP anywhere in my area, I'd like to.
I own (7) monoblocs with the B&O module, I'm sold on them.
Mine are very similar to the Rowland 501s..
Dan, Why don't you use the low gain setting? just curious. I have an X1 and keep it on low gain at all times.
You should try both. I bet that the XP 10 will work better with your amp. That being said synergy between components can be a big thing.

If I use the low gain with my Oppo BDP-83, I'm listening to some movies with the volume level setting in the 50s.
I prefer to listen in the high 30s or low 40s.

Are you not in the US? Mark from Reno HiFi has a great return policy, so you could at least try that one. I think the W4S have a return policy too, but with a restockng fee. But considering the prices of this gear, maybe worth it. No substitute for trying in your own system
The Pass XP10 will blow the Wyred away in terms of build quality and overall refinement. It's a spectacular preamp that you'll find long term satisfaction with. Good luck!
Swanny have you heard the w4s?
I hope this helps.I never heard the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE but I moved up to the XP-10 from the X-1, the two preamps are miles apart with the XP-10 being the better.It is mated with my Pass Labs 350.5 and all I can say is a match made in heaven.I would never think that the XP-10 could improve that much over an already great design.Buy the XP-10 and thank me later.
I realize this thread is a bit old, but I have listened to both the W4S and the Pass XP-10 in the same system. I was initially interested in the W4S because the buffer / active design seems well thought out. Unfortunately, I found the sound of it to be quite thin even in comparison to another buffer (the Pass B1 buffer).

I found I liked the performance of the Pass XP10 better than both the W4S and the B1 buffer. It is very transparent in the mid-bass and midrange, with better control in the low bass and better presentation in the high frequencies. I will point out that the amps I use have a very low input impedance, and finding a good matching preamp is tough.

For me, the W4S did not sound thin at all. On the contrary, images were quite dense and saturated, maybe even more so than my Conrad Johnson CT-5 (though not as delicate or refined). This is exactly the reason it replaced my Placette Passive while giving up just a smidgen of transparency. This is also a trait highlighted by the 6Moons review.

Alan, what amp were you using and what input impedance? I ran it with a Pass XA30.5 and Luxman M-600a at 23 Kohms and 51 Kohms, respectively.

I suppose, as with all things, YMMV.