Pass Labs XP-10 & XP-20 preamps

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard the new Pass Labs preamps: the XP-10 & the XP-20? I wonder how they would compare to the Jeff Rowland Capri preamp? Thank you. Stan
Hi Peter,

The dryness in the bass which I spoke of seems to be going away as the XP10 is burning in.

I took a look at your system and judging from who you were working with when purchasing, we seem to live relatively close. I sent you an email via the Audiogon mail form. You are welcome to check out the Fire at some point if you wish.

I wish we all lived close. We could all learn a lot.
I recently purchased an XP-10 to pair with an Ayre V-5xe. The combination throws a stunning 3D soundstage, revealing musical details, timbre and depth that have always been there, but somehow missing until now. Coming back to separates required more rack space and other resources, but very happy with the outcome.
Muralman, was the bass loose with both the XA 100.5´s and the 600.5 on the Apogees?
"I didn't get to hear the XA 100 monos on my speakers. I did get to hear them on the huge Full Range Apogees. That is a very special amp. The 600.5 amp is similar to the 600. the .5 was clearer than I remember. The bass was way loose on my speaker's panels"