Pass Labs XP-10 / Directv remote crossing

I have my new Pass XP-10 in the same vicinity as my Directv receiver. Everytime I change a channel on Directv it activates functions on my XP-10.

My question is if there is a way to alleviate this problem without moving either unit? At the present time I dont have anywhere else I can move them and I have no understanding about frequency.

It is not the frequency, it is the code conflict. Unfortunately, you can't control both units, you have to pick one. You don't have to move either one, just tape something over the infra sensor on the unit that you don't want to control.
Does your Directv have the RF option for control? If it does, you will just need the Directv RF remote. Using RF instead of IR will solve the problem.
Thank you very much Mrderrick. The IR option worked perfectly. That really helped me out.