Pass Labs Xono vs ARC PH3

I am contemplating replacing my ARC PH3 hybrid phono amp with a Pass Labs Xono SS phono amp. I have to use a SUT with ARC PH3 for my Denon DL-103R cartridge and I always have some hum in the system that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how I move the phono cable. The Xono has a lot higher gain and is supposed to be quieter than the ARC. It is said to be more neutral sounding than the ARC but I get tube sound from my tube amps. It would work well with my current preamp which is a Threshold T3.

Would the Pass Labs Xono be a step up from an ARC PH3 or just different?
It is a bit difficult to rate a Phono Stage when Gain is different. Usually, the louder, the better is the common opinion. But better is something different.
The main advantage from the Xono is the Gain and the Silence (Transistor), sound quality, well, it never moved me. Why don't you use higher output MC's?