Pass Labs XA60.5 with Magnepan

Currently enjoying Pass Labs amplification (xono, x1, XA60.5) with Magnepan 1.7. Mids and mid-base are absolutely wonderful. In my 10'x12' listening room, SPL are adequate but not rock loud. Generally the meter only moves a bit. Enough throat-clearing, do any inmates know if it is possible to step up to the 3.7i or add DWM using the same amplification?
Power is marginal. At least 300wpc is ideal into 4 ohms. This gives plenty of headroom and allows some padding. PT

You would be fine. Look at the spec sheet on the Pass website. Pass underrates the power of their amps. The 60.5 doesn't even leave class A until 120 watts into 4 ohms.

A friend of mine is driving a pair of 3.7i and a pair of bass panels with 60.8s. He recently bought the second bass panel. He said that the bass panels really made a huge difference.