Pass Labs XA60.5 vs. XA100.5

In a few weeks time my new speakers, the T+A TCD Criterion 110's, will be arriving. I currently have a Simaudio 340i driving Focus 160's. I'm ready to move away from Simaudio, not a fan of how they handle the higher end. As I recently realized, I had been auditioning my new speakers, 6 or 7 sessions, hooked up to the XA100.5's. For some reason I always thought it was one of the X models.

I auditioned the speakers I'm getting today with the XA30.5's and the results were pretty bad. Soundstage and clarity in some parts were amazing, but it just had absolutely no control over low end, and the meter was constantly above the middle point, and generally moving. I wish I could afford the 100.5's, but they're just too much right now. I'm wondering if the XA60.5's might be a better fit. I unfortunately don't have the option of auditioning them, but there is a great deal out there which makes the purchase feasible.

The thing I adored about the synergy between the XA100.5s the Criterion 110's was the intoxicating warmth. It wasn't super warm, but enough to make your cheeks a little red from ecstasy. And the crazy part was with the slight warmth there was still an astounding clarity and rock-solid soundstage. Would I still get that from the XA60.5s, or am I better off waiting and getting the XA100.5s at some point?

A little additional information, all my music is digital, 99% of it is different sub genres of electronic music: trance, idm, progressive house, breaks, cinematic etc. I like to rock out loud sometimes, and then other times I like to listen at normal levels. I have a classe cp-800 as a pre-amp (currently running it with the Sim 340i in pass-thru). I feed the classe through my mac mini. I also have stereo F113's that take the load at around 80hz (currently a bit higher due to a weird frequency from the focus 160's at ~120hz). My room is an open living room that's 21x18x10. Concrete floors with hardwood on top. Concrete ceilings. 3 concrete pillars in three of the four corners.

The specs for the Criterion 110's:
I had the same dilema as you. I did a lot of research and ended up purchasing the Plinius SA103. It has the same liquid midrange as the Pass XA's and still maintaining good control of the bass.
I went from the XA30.5 to the XA60.5's on my Avalon Eidolons. At lower volumes I heard no real difference in sound, but once the sound levels went above 90db the difference was clear. Better control of the low end and a much smoother overall sound. The Eidolons are about the same efficiency as the 110's, but your room compared to my little Chicago basement may require some extra power. Have you considered the X350.5?