Pass Labs XA60.5 experience?

Has anyone spent a quality moment with a pair of Pass Labs XA60.5s? I cannot find a critical word / review about them anywhere on the net.

Many thx
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Hi Audiophilet,

Take a look at my review here on the GON on the XA-60.5's for details regarding their surperlative performance.
Have you read these?
Love my XA60.5's! Excellent amps! I'm running Martin Logan CLS IIz's with mine. Highly recommended but also depends on room size and listening levels.
Hello and thanks for your responses. I have since read every word I could find here from Teajay and Peter and the rest, great stuff guys.

Now if only I could find somewhere in this bloody universe the sensitivity rating of my speakers I might be able to make a final decision between the XA30.5, XA60.5s, or XA100.5s, the last being something I cannot afford but might be able to if I chilled a bit on the number of drinks I have in this new year.

Okay, please don't laugh at the slow kid but my beloved speakers are currently Miller and Kreisel's S-5000THXs. I love them.

Anyone happen to know the sensitivity of these speakers? Any recommendations on which Pass amp to match up?

Tiny room, Norah Jones SACD, Fleetwood Mac SACD, Dvorak multi-channel SACD, Mozart flute, Bach cello 3channel, Muddy Waters, Sam McClain, Miles, classic rock, rap and hip hop on occasion. Mostly mid-volume play, VERY loud play three Sundays per month. Speakers roughly 6' 2" from my nose. Three different sized Velodyne subs (incl. 18") cross-overed at different frequencies.

Also used in 7.1 blu-ray setup, all MK Sound speakers, all other channels driven by used Mark Levinsons. I want to upgrade and love love my 2ch.

Suggestions please?

Many thx
If helpful, my current pre is a Krell HTS 7.1 and my source is an Oppo 95.

All 2ch interconnects are balanced and I live in Southern California.. cheers.
Call M&K or email Ken Kreisel --
The speakers are 93db @ 4ohm.
Can you demo one in home?
I'd try the 30.5 first and at the loudest levels, see how much the meter flickers.
If you don't leave class 'a', look no further.
If too much meter flicker, you're into A/B which you may not want.
The 30.5 is around 200@4 per side, 'at redline' which is firmly A/B.

even if you are pretty.....ambitious....I can't see needing more than the 60.5

Proviso. IF the speakers present a wacky load from the phase angle you may need more power. IF they drop to some crazy load impedance you may need more powere, especially if the impedance dip and high phase angle are at the same frequency range.
Mr. Magfan thanks much for your words. 30s would be so easy at $3500 used. The only other amp I'm considering short term is the fuel efficient Krell 302e on a splurge. I don't like that Dan and Brett have been minimalised, however, kinda pisses me off and I don't want to reward the new blood with a purchase. The Momentum isn't realistic for me in 2012. It seems a good time to be looking to purchaser an amp, choice-wise. Off subject, computer based high-end hires with the likes of HDTracks, LINN, 2L at 352.8k, Antelope Zodiac and Benchmark DACs, Sennheiser headphones, etc. is peaking my interest by the day. Just saying..
I have a pr of 60.5's. I love them.
If you are into mono amps then get these (shorter speaker cables, longer interconnects) There is the advantage. Also separate power supplies...
As a general guideline, what sensitivity should a person be looking at matching these with? Over 90db at minimum?