Pass Labs XA30.8


Do you think Pass Labs XA30.8 has enough power to drive 86 dBL Dynaudio focus 380 speaker well? My room size is 23'x18'x8' and I sit about 8' away from the speakers. Usual loudness is about 50 to 67 dBL when measured with noise meter app using my phone.

Also, what sonic improvement will I hear going from Bryston 4B Cube to XA30.8? 

Have you heard an xa30.8!? It is far more powerful than 30w. It is rated at over 100w a/b into 8 ohms. It can easily drive a 4ohm load.
Hey panerai557

Admittedly, it's been a while since I've heard my friends Bryston amps. He has the 600 wpc mono blocks (I don't know exactly which models he has) they were the model 3b's (I think), I know they were not the 4B's which I remember as sounding very good with his PMC large stand mount speakers. To my ears they were a little bright and slightly on the analytical side (for my taste) but had tremendous bottom end drive. All in all they did sound pretty good. 

I have owned the Pass Labs XA30.8 for over 5 years. This is one piece of equipment in my system that I just can't get rid of. No matter which speakers it's connected to or what preamp is in front of it, it always sounds fantastic. I'm very picky and if a piece of equipment isn't what I consider to be great and turns out to be just good, chances are I will sell it after 1 - 2 years. This is an amp I couldn't part with because it has a very special musicality. 

Do not be fooled by the 30 watts per channel rating. I had that amp connected to a pair of Magnepan 3.7i's with a pair of their DWM woofers wired in parrallel which drops the load down to a constant 2 ohms and it sounded unbelievable. I had that system for 3 years and really enjoyed it. It not only drove that load effortlessly, but it always remained musical! That load would have killed most amps out there but it just laughed at that load. For the money, and considering the reliability, and how musical it is, I think it would be tough to beat. All I can say is two words, Nelson Pass! 

I noticed there a lot of used bryston 4b3 amp for sale.What people don't like in sound?
I had a XA-30.5 for many years, I haven't hear the .8 series (yet).
First it was driving a pair of Watt Puppy 5.1's and then a pair of Sasha I's. Both of these speakers are difficult loads, in a 23' x 16' room played to lifelike volume levels.
This amp is by far the biggest over-achiever I've ever experienced.
Our system had Meridian 800 series digital components, upper tier MIT Oracle cables, Sound Application power conditioner and the room was well treated.
Our system was very revealing, and while multiple changes occurred the XA-30.5 was never the weak point. 
Highly recommended without hesitation.
panerai557 OP
Do you think Pass Labs XA30.8 has enough power to drive 86 dBL Dynaudio focus 380 speaker well?
Can't find much measured info on those speakers, if they are true 4ohm you should be fine with the 30.8, because it gives 60w out then.
But if the speaker is more 8ohm with just a dip to 4ohms, the the 30.8 is only going to give 30w. Which at 86db may not be enough to go loud enough for you.

Cheers George