Pass Labs XA30.8


Do you think Pass Labs XA30.8 has enough power to drive 86 dBL Dynaudio focus 380 speaker well? My room size is 23'x18'x8' and I sit about 8' away from the speakers. Usual loudness is about 50 to 67 dBL when measured with noise meter app using my phone.

Also, what sonic improvement will I hear going from Bryston 4B Cube to XA30.8? 

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Paneri a more holographic soundstage will be accomplished by making a few changes:

1: Upgrade from the Niagra 1000 to an Audio Magic power conditioner 
2: Upgrade from the Rocket 88 not good enough for the system
3: Use footers undeneath the preamp and amp, Critical Mass are expensive but amazing.
4: Isoacoustics footers under the speakers will make a very noticable improvement.

After those tweeks then I might look at an improved amplifier.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ AQ, Audio Magic, Coda, Critical Mass, Isoacoustics dealers
I have speaker spike feets from Herbie. They made noticeable improvement over the stock penny feets. I suppose Isoacoustics feets are better... but more money too.

I use an Ikea TV furniture for now, why would amp blocks make any difference, does seismic vibration affect electronics? Can I use something like this instead?
@panerai557 specifically with respect to your question on the difference in sound character between your existing Bryston 4B3 and a Pass XA30.8, the design goals of the two companies are different. If you like the way Bryston sounds, you may not like the way Pass sounds. And vice versa. I think it would be misleading to say going from one to the other gets you more of something, or is a general improvement, as opposed to what I would instead describe as changing the direction of your sound.
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