Pass Labs XA30.8 vs dual F6 bi-amped

I am looking for a good high current SS amp to drive my Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers. I have heard the Pass F6 and love the tonality and speed of that amp. However, I heard the F6 on a Fostex single driver speaker so it was not possible to guage its performance on a typical 2 way speaker. I have read that the XA30.8 is a powerful 30 watter with good drive and headroom. But I cannot audition the 30.8. So it will be a blind buy which I am not as comfortable.

My question is, how will a single XA30.8 compare against a pair of F6 biamped, driving the Tannoy ? I mean in terms of power handling.
i posted on the beta site, but it didnt show up. However, i can not comment about the f6, but i use the 30.8 with audiophysics caldera II. These are not the most sensitive speakers so i was a little concerned they would not match well. i was looking at some of the first watt products so i contacted Nelson Pass. He said the 30.8 would match up very well. I did go through Reno HIFI who will let u audition an amp. i have been very pleased with this amp. You might consider contacting Nelson as he has a reputation for answering his emails and was very helpful for my selection