Pass Labs XA30.8 vs dual F6 bi-amped

I am looking for a good high current SS amp to drive my Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers. I have heard the Pass F6 and love the tonality and speed of that amp. However, I heard the F6 on a Fostex single driver speaker so it was not possible to guage its performance on a typical 2 way speaker. I have read that the XA30.8 is a powerful 30 watter with good drive and headroom. But I cannot audition the 30.8. So it will be a blind buy which I am not as comfortable.

My question is, how will a single XA30.8 compare against a pair of F6 biamped, driving the Tannoy ? I mean in terms of power handling.
I can not make a direct comparison as i have not worked with the F6 amps, but the 30.8 handles my audiophysics Caldera II very well. These are not the most efficient speakers and i was a little worried they may not match up well, but after conversing with Nelson on his thoughts of the amp with my speakers versus one from the first watt lineup, he assured me the 30.8 was the way to go. You might drop him a note as he is pretty responsive to these types of questions particularly since both are in his stable