Pass Labs XA30.8: is it enough for Wilson Sasha 2?

I’ve Sasha 2 in a small room, connected to a pre ARC LS5 and a Symphonic Line Krafwerk as power amplifier. It’s a good chain, even if it lacks of fineness in the mid range and it has a small sound stage. I would like to substitute the Kraftwerk with the Pass XA30.8.
Does someone own this power unit connected with Sasha 2? Does XA30.8 have enough power?
Thanks for any feedback!
Pass Labs had recommended the X-250.8 (or INT-250) for my Wilson Audio Sasha 2 Speakers, set-up in a 26' x 20' x 10' (H) Room. I had an X-250.5 for my Sophia 1 Speakers, set-up in the same Room, and it sounded perfect, while the less-powerful INT-150 did not - the volume had to be set at 90% + just for moderate listening levels, over-driving the Amplifier - and still couldn't provide the sound-quality of higher-powered Amplifiers. The Sasha 2, as with all Wilson Audio Speakers, need high-powered (high-quality) Amplification to sound their best, even when listening at low > moderate levels, in my experience.
Yes.  I drive my Sasha 1's with an XA 30.5 in a large room. It plays clean and loud.  It's really a 130W amp.
I believe the XA30.8 would work pretty well also in a small room with your speakers assuming you plan on listening below 105db or so.

As a reference, I used an XA30.5 for about 3mo in my room driving a pair of Magico S3's which are a more brutal load than the Wilson's are. The room is 25 x 15 x 8.5 (H).

Eventual I ended up moving up to an XA60.8 but could have easily lived with the XA30.5 if I was forced to for budgetary reasons. The XA30.8 is even more robust in terms of its output capabilities. The power supply is roughly 380-400w. Figure almost 1/2 of that output is available for each channel when you consider the extra headroom available when the amp transitions from Class A to Class A/B mode.

I was quite impressed by what the "little" XA30.5 could do in terms of output despite what it says on paper and no doubts that the XA30.8 would be even more impressive given my current experience with the XA60.8
I’d the opportunity to test the integrated amplifier Pass INT-150 in my ‘sound room’, substituting the ARC LS5 + Symphonic Line Kraftwerk.
After some hours of plays, what I can say is that the INT-250’s sound is refined, very clear, with a good dynamic and soundstage. But the old chain remains still winning. The ARC gives to the sound more details to the mid and sweet to the highs. The Kraftwerk after provides more current to loudspeakers and then the sound is more rich, robust. Also bass are more powerful.
I think that I should try a true class A Pass power unit...
I look forward in reading more about your situation- pinox67

Happy Listening!
At the date the best amplification chain that I tried with Sasha 2, but also with B&W Nautilus 803, is with ARC LS5 + Ahifi 845 pair. The latter is an old power unit built by a small Italian builder, based on a pair of 845 tubes, the same mounted on Nagra VPA.
What you have from Ahifi 845 is not so far from VPA: These ones give to sound an incredible sense of spatialy, in all directions, sounds objects are very well defined, sound is sweet, rich or harmonics, solid. Bass are not so strong, but well controlled.
Magic of 845!
I'm surprised by your statement, probably is not the Symphonic Line at fault here but the speakers-room interaction???
I have the Sasha 2 powered by the ARC Reference 75 SE which is more than adequate. Prior to my purchase I did a fair amount of research, and on two sites it was reported that Wilson used the Ref 75 to voice the Sasha 2 s. 
My dealer had the Sashas setup in the  showroom with the Ref 75 SE for demo purposes and he knows his stuff owning the same store since 1977. He did hook them up with the Ayre mono blocks which also sounded quite good ( a lot more money ), but to my ears I preferred the ARC.
My listening room is 21x15.
Well, my (dedicated) room is very small 3.45m x 3.25m. Displacements of furniture, loudspeakers and listening point is symmetric. I have also placed two tube traps to control better bass response. I’m going to add some adsorption (behind loudspeakers) and diffusion (behind listening point) panels.

I can add that I tried also another amplification chain: ARC LS5 + 2 ARC Reference 250SE. Well, the sound gains in sweetness, is less strenuous, maybe more recommend for classical music; but it loses a bit in soundstage and in the bass control.
I still prefer the Kraftwerk (and also my friends) for jazz, r&b and rock. Sound has more dynamic, it is fuller, transients are excellent, even if it is more tiring in the middle and highs.
Some news. First of all, I’ve to apologize for a big mistake: in all my previous post, the pre is not the ARC LS5, but the LS2. I don’t way I was convinced that it was this model... maybe I was without my glasses in my first approach!

Second, waiting for a test of a new power amp, I had the opportunity to test the ARC LS25 mkII with the Kraftwerk.
The result is better for soundstage and details in the mid range, very clean.
But it is worse for bass range, very poor, and highs, a bit more harsh. Overall a sound more tiresome. For my taste, a chain one step behind.