Pass Labs XA30.5 -> Line Magnetic 508ia?

As the title states, I'm considering moving from a XA30.5 power amp, using a Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp (with 60's Mullards throughout) to an intergrated tube amp, the Line Magnetic 508ia. Any owners that have gone Pass Labs to high quality tubes or even Line Magnetic?
Speakers are 90db 4ohm and find the xa30.5 has enough muscle to drive the speakers without going overly loud (I don't listen loud anyways).
There aren't a lot of impressions of the 508ia but everything is quite positive that I do find. My biggest concern is how much current (or high of quality) the power supplies can provide. I'm looking for a little lushness and sparkly highs without getting muddy or really loose with the bass.
Another vote for the LM508. Purchased used and certainly have been impressed. This amps digs deep especially with Psvane 805 T/2 tubes.  Instruments and vocals have presence in true SET amp fashion. I'll be happy to stay put.
Another plug for Taylor at Goldprint. He helped me out validating my unit without a sale on the table. Great guy.
I also had great a great experience when purchasing my LM 508ia. It has worked flawlessly since 2018. It responds very well to tube rolling and also running it with a dedicated preamp scales it considerably.

I was wondering if anyone knows where/how to obtain the schematics for this amp as I am looking to mod it with some upgrades. I've searched high and wide to no avail.