Pass Labs XA25 vs Benchmark AHB2

Anybody listened to both of those amps? How you can compare them?
Owned both, but not at the same time. My notes indicate the Pass was a clear winner. Especially in the resolution. The AHB2 was thinner & more analytical sounding, though still very good.
I wonder if the people who have written in that the Pass is warmer and more tubey and not as transparent have ever heard it?  From those posts, I doubt it.  The XA25 is transparent as anything, I would disagree with those "generic" responses.  
@acurus yes, I spent significant time with the xa25. Compared to the ahb2, it’s definitely warmer. It’s shades in the gray scale, not black vs white...

@mesch My speakers are Focal Electras 1028BE. The room is 15x15. And I'm not a AC/DC fan. So your experience is really encouraging. Thanx a lot.

@thenewguy007 One can here about leaner AHB2 sound all the time. I wonder if tube preamp would compensate this leanness?