Pass Labs XA25 vs Benchmark AHB2

Anybody listened to both of those amps? How you can compare them?
On two completely different sides of the spectrum. The Pass Labs is warmer, slightly romantic and will highlight the performance as a whole and show the room/hall size. The Benchmark is extremely transparent and detailed, highlighting the individual performers and expose them more than the room. It’s not that one is good and the other bad but I bet you’d like one much more than the other. Which one is up to you and your ears
Thank you, audiojan. Some answer! I've listened to XA25 in a very close field session. Transparency and details were just awesome. The only comparison was with 300B tubes. Alas the speakers were rather small and I couldn't really imagine how 25 wpc XA25 would sound with my floorstanders even if they are 91 dbs. So my interest in Benchmark based on same details/transparency characteristics + 100 wpc  But you add up individual performers vs soundstage features in the mix. Thanx anyway! I do appreciate it.
They represent two very different designs of solid state amplifiers. The AHB2 is very transparent or neutral I would say. It's specification is hard to beat. Pass Labs on the other hand is more optimized with respect to the musical experience. I listened to the AHB2 in my system for a weekend and that was not what I wanted. Now I have a tube amplifier instead.  This is in the musicality aspect closer to Pass Labs.