Pass labs xa25 amp and BW 804 d3?

Can the Pass labs xa25 drive BW 804 d3's?
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@jetter Perhaps it's not quite as good of a deal, but for shipping only RenoHIFI will let you demo the XA25 for 10 days. A nice risk free way to hear the amp.  That's what I did.
Thanks cal, thinking about calling Reno.

gweedoargus, now that you have had your XA25 for a couple of weeks and you are a little more familiar with it could you provide a little more in depth review of how you are liking it?  Its tonality, soundstage and is it powering your speakers as you hoped? Plusses and any minuses.  I am considering this amp myself.
A bit late here, but...

I’m running Wilson Sophia 3s with the Pass XA25. The Sophia’s are ~87db/1W efficiency. They are made easy to drive (nominal 4Ohm impedance), but not all that efficient. I’ve had the XA25 since last Summer.

90 - 100 db is about the loudest I’d listen to, so the Pass is barely loafing most of the time at 1 - 3 watts or so. (I thought I needed high-power too until I actually tried the XA25, thanks to Reno Hi-Fi’s trial period.)

I can turn it up louder than I want to listen to it without any noticeable compression, soundstage collapse, or clipped transients or dynamic swings.

I posted some comments on my experience with the XA25 on other threads (you can search my threads or for XA25). It’s keeper for me.

Why don't you call Pass (talk to Kevin) and ask him whether its enough power?  That's what I did when getting a recommendation of an amp for my Thiel 2.4's.  I was all prepared to spend a fortune on the XA series monoblocks and they actually talked me out of it, advising that for my speakers the X series was a better match, and that the X150.8 would be more than enough power.  They were right.  I've never heard a greater change for the better just by changing out a power amp.  Its astonishing.  Far more detail, quiet, and a little midrange warmth characterize the Pass products.
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