Pass Labs XA200.5 Amp

I have a question to ask all the members of Audiogon. On the next couple Months I will be on the market to buy a used or demo Pass Labs xa200.5. How much would cost a demo or a used pair of xa200.5? Please advise. Thanks to all.
I would imagine around 50 to 60% of list price would be close. You might give Reno HiFi a call they sell a lot of Pass Lab amps and are a pleasure to deal with. Good Luck
Ditto Needfreestuff.

Reno HiFi is the place to go for used or demo Pass Labs equipment. Their prices and service are top notch.
Reno Hifi is great. The guy there will talk to you as long as you want and give you so much useful info.
Thanks guys. I contacted Reno Hifi, they do have agreat services. Thanks all