Pass Labs XA 60.5 to drive Dynaduio C4

Hi There ! I am considering XA60.5 over d XA100.5 due to price difference. However i am worried coz xa 60.5 might not be enough to drive my C4 effectively.

Has anyone have experience or knowledge to share with me. Any comments or suggestion are highly appreciated.

Hi Sgm, you do not share either the nominal ohm rating or the efficency rating of your C4's. That would be helpful to give you more of an accurate answer. I bi-amp my MG-20's with XA-60.5's that have all the current I need and do double down into lower impedence ratings. I too first considered the XA-100.5's, but saved alot of money, when I did the audition and found out the 60.5's could easily handle the load. My hunch is they would also work in your system. Take a look at my review of the XA-60.5's here on the GON.
Thanks for your reply Teajay.

Dynaudio Confidence 4 is 88db sensitivity at 4 ohms. I am not a technical guy and doesnt know much on matching electronics.

Your reply is greatly appreciated again. Thanks

At 4 ohms you'll have 120 watts of solid class A power. My XA60.5's run my CLS IIz's fine and they have a 86db sensitivity. Room size would also be a consideration.
Thanks for your reply Mdowns32.

My room size is 4.75 mts x 6.5 mts x 3.0 mts ceiling height.

What do u think ?
Thanks again Guys.

By d way im using Modwright LS36.5 w Separate Power Supply PREAMP.

Maybe you have idea what would be the best tube preamp to match xa60.5 ?

frankly, the modwright pre w/ outboard PS is excellent, should be a nice match. but if you have any ?s re: if the 60wpc is enough, get the 100wpc unit. ---i'lll cover this in a review i have coming on PFO in a week on the 60.5s. but short answer, there's so little distortion on the signal its easy to crank the volume, resulting in needing more headroom.

i do like to listen loud, but not that loud, and not that big a room.

you'll regret spending the money one time. you'll regret owning an underpowered amp the entire time.
I was able to ask personally with Dan Wright during the recent HIFI show here in Manila that the Modwright KWA 150 amp is 150 watts in Class AB and 20-30 watts in pure Class A mode.

Does this mean that the Pass Labs XA60.5 with 60 watts of pure Class A is 2 times the power of Modwright KWA 150 and can drive better my Dynaudio C4 ?
I also have C4s driven by Halo JC1s in a large room and current/power is never lacking.

I believe rhyno used to have the Halos also, as well as knowing the late great Bob Crump personally. Maybe he could comment on how the Halos contrast with the XA.5s.

I've listened to XA and XA.5s extensively but not on my C4s. My pre is the Pass XP20 and the XA.5s are a tempting upgrade but how much class A power is enough for the C4s I'm not sure.