Pass Labs XA.5 vs. X.8 Model Differences

Has anyone gone from or directly compared the older XA 30.5 to the newer X.8 models? I have the XA 30.5 and am considering upgrading to the X150.8 in the future, just for the extra power. Can't afford to stay with the higher-end pure class A models, therefore a switch to A/B.

So this is not just a change from a class A to a class A/B amp, but also from the older technology (or version) to the newer one.

Can anyone describe these differences objectively, in terms of sound stage/imaging, resolution, noise, coloration, etc?  And I understand that some might prefer one over the other, but what are the actual differences?

Will you be purchasing a brand new model?
There has been many threads check.08 quieter,better top more open,better detail in bass more open overall.

There will also be a change in going from the XA line to the X line. It is really hard to say what the differences would be in your system. I know people hate to hear this, but there’s no real way to tell what you’re going to like other than to get it into your system.

Reno HiFi can tell you more about the sound of the different amps and can send you one to try out, at a price of course. It’s easier than buying and selling them here though.

I think there’s a review or thread on this site in which the poster compared 3 different Pass amps from the .5 and .8 series and the X and XA lines. I think he ended up with the XA.8 but said he could have lived happily with any of them.

Here’s the link to that discussion:

It appears that my memory has failed me again, he only compared the XA.5s to the XA.8s.

Bumped because the posts are helpful but the questions are still not answered. Anyone else?
I owned and still own a Pass Labs poweramp. ( XA100.5, XA60.5, XA30.5, X250.5 and now the X350.5)

I tested and auditioned many, the 150.5 was the weakest of the X series. I didn’t like the amp. But the 250.5 was so much better.

I owned 3 different XA aps and the 30.5 was exeptional good for the money. I would go for a 30.8 if I were you.
Give Nelson a call, he sometimes answers the phone himself.