Pass Labs XA 30.5 , X250.5 or 350.5

I own a pair of Wilson WP 7's and I currently drive them with a Conrad Johnson 350 amp. I'm looking to change to a Pass Labs amp and I was interested in hearing any thoughts as to which of the above choices would be the best fit.

Thank you,

Depends on how loud you like to play your system. If not too loud, the XA30.5. I love mine.
I have the WP7's and currently use the XA 160. Great Match with the XA series.
When the pass amps changed to the .5 series the 350.5 benefited the most from the change. I personally would stick with the 350.5. The 250 is close to the 350 but the 350 will stay in class a longer.
I would go with the XA series. IMO the difference btw the X series and the cj isn't there. Maybe even backwards depending on your preference.

Doyou have Wilsons connected to your XA30.5 and if so how big is the room that your speakers in?

Stanwine, No Wilsons. I have Maggie 3.6s connected most of the time. I have heard the Wilsons (which as I remember are much more efficient than the Maggies) and think there would be great synergy between them and the XA.