Pass Labs XA-30.5 with Focal BE 1008 - Revel F206 - ATC SCM 19

I am considering all of these speakers, among others, for purchase to be matched with the Pass amp. I know and like the Revel sound, well balanced, nice timbre, not the most resolving. I'm new to Focals and like their sound as well, but need to listen more. The resolution of the ATCs is outstanding, but I'm concerned about their low impedance matching with the Pass. I've also heard the ATCs play better at louder volumes; in my situation the ability to play well at low volumes is very important.

I had considered dumping the Pass for a higher power rating amp to play with the ATCs, but I am hooked on the amp's sound and it would be hard to let it go.

My sense is the Focals and Revels are a better overall match for the amp's and my needs, but the sound quality of the ATCs might be a step above these two.

Of course, I realize it's my ears that need to be satisfied, and there's plenty of work to be done in making my decision, but wondering if any members could share their impressions and experiences with these pairings.

I can't speak to the ATC's or Revel's but I drive a pair of 1008Be's with a pair of Pass XA1005's and they sound excellent. Very smooth and detailed with the class wattage of the Pass amps. My only concern with the XA30.5 would be power which depends on what type of music you like and how loud you play it.

Thanks Chuck. That's my concern as well. My music is rock, jazz, folk, but due to constraints in my living space I can never go real loud. I usually play digital, and with file level variations worst case with loudness level I've gone to is about 70-80% volume. With other files 30% is fine. This is with my current Revel M106s with 87db sensitivity.