Pass Labs XA 25 Cables

I was wondering if any Pass Labs XA25 Amp owners could tell me what they are using for Speaker and interconnect cables. I am looking to upgrade some basic cables and have a budget of about $800.00 + -. Where would I get the most bang for my buck? I have read that the Audioquest Go-4 were a good match, but at 15’ runs that would blow my budget. I currently have a mix of Blue Jeans, Anti Cable Ref1, AudioQuest Evergreen ICs and Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable.

I am not looking to start an overall conversation about cables, just cables that have been used with the XA25, and have had good synergy.

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Late getting back...

@kw6,  prior to the XA25 I had a CJ MF2550 SS amp. Great amp, but I moved it to my office system due to a what seemed to be a position-specific buzzing noise; the amp is much, much quieter in its new location. 

@pryso, I have Wilson Sophia 3 speakers. The XA25 has more than enough power for my uses with these speakers, which are easy to drive.
how do you like the Shunyata and Transparent cabling combination?Very interesting mixing these (2) brands.
Happy Listening!
I like it. I've had the Ref Transparent SCs for a few years and they were a big upgrade over the prior SCs (Transparent Ultra, I think). At that time, I had a mix of other cables in my system.

I haven't wanted to move to new SCs due to the investment I have now in these cables and cost to upgrade/move. If I were willing to drop another $13K or so (I'm not), I'd either go with Shunyata Sigma SC to complete the loom or upgrade to Transparent Ref XL. 

Over the time I've had the SCs, I've upgraded the rest of the loom to Shunyata Sigma...with each addition, I liked the sound more and more.
Anyone have any specific power cord recommendations for XA25 that really make it shine?? Please advise!
HR over at Stereophile seems to like the Audioguest Tornado with the XA25 (at least compared to stock) so that might be an option, and I already have Cerious Tech Graphene "Blue" pcs that I will try on the XA25. The Sigma recommendation above is way too $$ for me, so can't go down that path. What else is proven to work great with the XA25??