Pass Labs XA 25 Cables

I was wondering if any Pass Labs XA25 Amp owners could tell me what they are using for Speaker and interconnect cables. I am looking to upgrade some basic cables and have a budget of about $800.00 + -. Where would I get the most bang for my buck? I have read that the Audioquest Go-4 were a good match, but at 15’ runs that would blow my budget. I currently have a mix of Blue Jeans, Anti Cable Ref1, AudioQuest Evergreen ICs and Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable.

I am not looking to start an overall conversation about cables, just cables that have been used with the XA25, and have had good synergy.

Clearaudio Concept
Clearaudio MC cart
Pass Labs XP 15 phono stage
Schitt Yiggdrasil DAC
Rogue Audio RP5 Pre
Pass Labs XA 25 amp
Spatial Audio M3s

Mark O

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Ok thanks Terry! 😊
One last question Terry! What you think of using a network player with digital preamp straight into the xa25? 
I got an XA25 about a month ago and am using Shunyata Sigma power cords & ICs with a Conrad-Johnson ET5 pre. Speaker cables are Transparent Reference.

Swapping out my old SS amp for the Pass was one of the biggest improvements I've heard in my system in many years.
Medwardo what amp were you using before? 
medwardo, also what speakers are you using?