Pass labs XA-160.8 monos - or -  Mark Levinson 536 monos for Magico's

If you had to chose today / now one of these sets of mono-blocks for same money what would you choose?

Pass labs XA-160.8 monos

- or -  

Mark Levinson 536 monos


Associated gear

Bricasti M1SE w/M12 built in ethernet media player
SGC sonicTranporter Roon Server w/Uptone JS-2 LPS
TLS OCXO ethernet Switch & 912 OCXO LPS
TLS Reference CAT7 ethernet cable loom
TLS Reference DC cable loom

(Either Mark Levinson 523 or Pass Labs XP-30) based on monos chosen

Magico S5 MK II

Kubala-Sosna Emotion/Elation Full Loom


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I’m completely satisfied with an AtmaSphere MP-1 into Pass XA-160.8 monoblocks. It’s a super clean direct coupled differential balanced tube sound. Give Ralph a call.
Fior tube preamp i would certainly look at VAC wonderfully made and sounds great with depth,sound stage,dynamic impact and great bass.The company is wonderful as well.
AtmaSphere is cool and not something even on my radar. Thanks 

VAC - one of these just showed up on here. How are these? There are no reviews or anything but VAC is known as great stuff. Anyone hear of this preamp?

VAC PHI 2.0 Preamp
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