Pass labs XA-160.8 monos - or -  Mark Levinson 536 monos for Magico's

If you had to chose today / now one of these sets of mono-blocks for same money what would you choose?

Pass labs XA-160.8 monos

- or -  

Mark Levinson 536 monos


Associated gear

Bricasti M1SE w/M12 built in ethernet media player
SGC sonicTranporter Roon Server w/Uptone JS-2 LPS
TLS OCXO ethernet Switch & 912 OCXO LPS
TLS Reference CAT7 ethernet cable loom
TLS Reference DC cable loom

(Either Mark Levinson 523 or Pass Labs XP-30) based on monos chosen

Magico S5 MK II

Kubala-Sosna Emotion/Elation Full Loom


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Mark Levinson no question, more power with less IMD and better handling of swinging load impedances.
Pass Labs - I would order from Reno Hi Fi, so if I didn't like them I could ship them back.
My heart says Pass but my Brain says Mark Levinson.

I wish I would hear both or either in my system - 

Not buying brand new.

Has anyone heard these new Mark Levinson amps. They are their - we are back products. They built a brand new facility and hired the old heard of Krell away and spent a ton of money re-ivigerating the ML brand and this amp and the stereo version are their new products!

Anyone hear either of them?. 
Since you use the Bricasti M1SE why not consider their M28 mono's? I've heard them and wish I could afford them, bettered some Pass Labs I've heard. 
Luxman M-900u monos. Perhaps the ultimate until one jumps off the cliff. and it still may be up in rarefied air. imo