Pass Labs X600.5 or a Pair of Classe Omicron's?

Time to make a choice. I know I want the amps close to my speakers for a short speaker cable run. It's not possible for me to A/B these amps. I'm looking at Pass Lab's X600's, around $6K used, (thinking I can do the .5 upgrade a little later on) OR the dual mono Classe Omicron, around $6K used, (thinking I can add a second one to run them bridged for each channel later on). Anyone with experience or opinions?

My system: Revel Salons, Classe CP-65 preamp, APL 3910 digital source. Not sure about cabling yet (ideas & suggestions welcome), but probably Transparent Ultra. Ref prices are crazy!

Doc, there is no upgrade possible for the Pass LabsX-600's to the new generation .5 series. I believe that the 600's were the best sounding of all the X-generation amps, but the new X-.5 series is a significant change/improvement compared with the first generation X-series. If you can get a pair of 600's for that amount of money, it would be a great addition to the sonics of your system. I have heard the Classe amps in a couple of different systems, but can't be helpful regarding if their is a significant sonic difference them and the PassX-600's because it was not an audition in my own system. In my system for years I used Transparent cabling, went through a long period of auditioning over five different cable companies wires and finally decided on Acoustic Zen IC's and speaker wire. It's all personnal taste and system synergy, but I believe the Acoustic Zen wires are significantly better then any of the Transparent stuff and very reasonable priced. I have a review of the new Acoustic Zen Absolute reference here on the Gon that you might find helpful. Hope this helps.
I see some adds where you can trade up the X600's to X600.5's for $6K. This is the upgrade I was writting about. I believe Audio-Video Logic has this deal. I would think for $6K the improvement should be as significant as the price difference. It would then be a $12K venture. Still a savings off retail. I've heard nothing but great things about the Omicron. For the most part I've heard all good things about the X600's with a couple of folks saying they were a bit dry. I would think source, cabling and speakers might make a huge differnce in that opinion. I know Classe's sound. I have a CA-201. Great little amp. Warm and and liquid, nice base extension. Can't help but think the Omicron will sound great. Have you ever found the X600's to be dry? BTW, I'll look at the Accoustic Zen review and cables - thanks.

The top-end on the 600s is more neutral to my ears.I've heard both and really liked the PASS.Any thoughts on going to a different pre?The digital pre/parametric EQ units would work well (Tact RDP-1/2).
I have had both the Pass X250 and the Omicrons in my system and compared them side by side. I chose the Omicrons. If you like the sound of your Classe than I would go with the Omicrons. I definately found the Pass to be dry(although a great amp) and not as musically satisfying as the Classe. I am not sure how the X600 compares to the X250, but I think they are probably pretty similar in sound. Good Luck.
Sorry Doc, I thought you mean't by up-grading the 600's to 600.5 was an actual modification that could be done by Pass Labs, not the trade-in deal offered by Audio-Logic in Iowa. To answer your question, no I did not find the 600's "dry", but not as "warm/musical" as the Aleph 1's mono-blocks in my system. I would suggest you might try auditioning a 350.5 in your system, which I think sounds better then the 600's, and still would save you another $3000.00 in total cost. Unless you need that much power, I drive MG-20R's in large room and have all the current I need, its a beautiful sounding amp that has the "warmth/musicality" of the Aleph series with the dynamics/details of the X series.

The CP-65 is really a world class pre. I've heard it in a few differnt systems and it never fails to delight. Granted there are finer pre's out there. I think the CP-65 is pretty neutral. Perhaps adds a touch of warmth. I'm purchasing an APL 3910 (can't wait) and I plan on A/Bing it with and without the CP-65. From all accounts, for $6K this CDP is in the $15K to $20 class in sonics. I think the A/B will be very revealing if the CP-65 has any faults. I'd go preless except I need a complete front end for my HT to play through (I still may be able to pull this off because I'm having analog inputs installed on the APL 3910). Of course, I want to get back into vinyl with a nice analog rig some time soon and that means a pre. Nothing is ever simple, but it's all good! :)
Hmmm, this is tough choice, but's it's a fun choice. I really do love this hobby.

I do wan't more power. My dedicated HT room is 22x36x10. I have found myself wishing for and not having the power to produce the volume I've wanted with the CA-201 and Legacy Focus 20/20's. Yes, the CA-201 was pushing 400W with the 20/20's being 4 ohm, but I still couldn't get that "Oh my God, this is insane, but it sounds so good" volume going. The other thing about the CA-201 was it had a small sweet spot and lower volumes were out of it. I'm hoping either of these two, the X600's or the Omicrons will have a much broader sweet spot. I'm thinking I may have to buy both of these to audition both and then sell the one I can live without. I'm in Baghdad, Iraq right now. I'll be home in December for a few weeks and the plan is to have all my new gear waiting for me. It'll be nice to trade the sounds of gunfire, choppers, tanks and explosions for sweet, sweet music. Ahhh, can hardly wait.
Do not Compare Classe and Pass Labs ...
Pass labs Still is The best One X600s or .5