Pass Labs X5

I am interested in this 5 channel amp and can't find any reviews on it. I know it's not manufactured anymore and I'm also curious on how it would match up sonically to the newer .5 series Pass amps
The older amp was a bit relaxed sounding, but otherwise smooth, detailed, and pretty dynamic for what it was. It's not as good as the 2 channel X150, but still a bit more refined and smoother than, say, ATI series amps, Adcom, Parasound, etc.
I used to sell that amp retail. Not sure on new amps, but they're likely an upgrade, possibly...?
Hi Flrnlamb
Do you remeber what the x5 was selling for I thought they just stoped producing that amp?

New retail was $4500 for that amp.
Mlawitm- I believe the main difference between the X5, the X150 and the X150.5 have to do with bias current. Both the X5 and X150 idle at 200 watts. As such, I believe the X150 if biased further into Class A (being a two-channel amp) then is the X5 being a five-channel amp. The further (more watts) an amp is biased into Class A, the less the crossover distortion all else being equal.

The X150.5 idles at 250 watts and therefore I believe is biased further still into Class A. Just guessing at all this but Nelson is a big proponent of Class A.
I believe the X series amps, which are class A/AB, are biased in full class A to 20% and then switch to class AB. For the X5, that means 25W into 8 ohms Class A and thereafter up to 125W into 8 ohms Class AB.

I believe Nelson Pass used this same percentage on the Threshold S series amps as well.