Pass Labs X350 vs. McIntosh MC402

This may seem silly, but has anyone compared these two amps? I'm wondering if, at not much more than half the price, the McIntosh sounds as good -- or perhaps better -- than the Pass. I'm really only interested in hearing from people who have direct experience with both of these amps -- or perhaps the MC352 vs. the Pass X350. Thanks a lot.
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I've owned the 350 and have auditioned many McIntosh amps. I've also spent many years listening to the Big Macs at a friends house. The Pass is a higher resolution amp, although the Mac has gained ground in that area in the last couple of years. If the mac sounds better for less then why are you asking?
Sm2727: I'm not saying the McIntosh sounds better for less. I'm asking other Audiogon members to compare the two. Thanks.