Pass Labs X350 vs Mac 402 Vs Theta Enterprise vs.,

Parasound Jc-1. I am looking into these 4 amps to upgrade from my Theta Dreadnaught 11 7.1 setup. I would like a true stereo setup. I currently using a Casa nova pre. I am looking to drive my tyler acoustics Linbrook 1 peice speakers. All these amps around the same price . I listen to mostly rock to classic rock would like some slam with tube like sound. I have read all the reviews. Please any help to out there I would appreciate . Thanks joe
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Well, I'm being funny, but I am serious about the Mac. You said that you were looking for more slam and tube like sound, and that describes Mac.
the mac is a slight step up (and quite different), otherwise.. keep the parasound.
You really have to audition them first. When laying down large its best to know what your gettin! Mac will always retain its value better than most companies as history's proved. Those blue meters and the mac insigna glowin green is purty to! Oh yea...., they also sound pretty good!
If anything, get X350.5 not X350. X350 does not sound tube like at all - it is very transparent, very detailed, but also a little bit thin. X.5 amps are much better balanced.

Mc402 is a good choice.