Pass Labs X350 versus Plinius SA250IV

Got down to two amps that i am going to audition. Anyone have done it? Is there an obvious difference? They are going to drive Dynaudio C 3.3
I vote for the Pass simply becauce of the company and what they do for their customers.
If you enjoy a dynamic neutral yet detaied sound, you can't beat Pass. If you want "sweeet" get the Plinius.
out of context...but i'll stick my 2 cents in anyway......take a listen to the levinson no.334, i think you will be amazed.....i was!! just a thought.........if you have to buy a pass or sa 250......plinius would be my choice.
I can relate. Own 3.0 and Plinius 100 MkIII and seem that no amount of wattage is enough. In this case i would vote for Pass. More transparent. But Mc Cormack 500 even better! IMHO!
I'm the one who suggested the X350 to you on AA. I own the X350 and a pair of X600's in my 7.1 setup. The plinius is a very nice sounding amp and I don't think you will feel cheated. I agree that the plinius is on the warmer side. The Pass is more neutral,has more power and represents a better value on the used market. Their customer service is second to none. Do a search. They are a great group of people.
With Dyns, Krell or Plinius are more typical combos. I think the Dyns need a bit of excitement, so would vote for Krell. However, i would also use a tubed pre, such as the Hovland.
Dyns sounds a little bit cold and analytical to my, in this case, a sweeter Plinius will be better match. Warning for Dyns, the key issue is how to drive it to its full potential. I have heard so many Dyns are underpowered.
I kept thinking, and i have to agree with you Timchen. Dynaudio'a are more neutral than dry, and being driven-most of the time-with powerful SS amps they tend to sound somewhat analytical. Plinius 100MkIII can be had for $1600, prices went down for sure, and 250 can be found for $2.5K. 500wpc into the 4ohm is pretty impressive for that amount of money.