Pass Labs X350 or Edge Sl-10

I am looking at replacing my current amp with one of these 2 amps. I run my CDP (wadia) direct to the amp and i use Martin Logan Odyssey Speakers. Does anyone have any Experience with either of these on Martin Logan Speakers. Thanks
i am currently running a pass x350-pass x1-jm lab miniutopia and as far as i am concerned the x350 is the amp to beat!a no compromise amp in any price range and i have had more than my share.the edge is nice but you won't get the dynamics/and soundstage you are looking for with the edge.i have listened to the edge a couple of times and i didn't hear the sheer detail,sounstage and focus the pass gives.i have yet to hear a solidstate amp that beats it!it does everything and does it with styly,finess,and raw power without sacraficing the sweetness and with your speakers i would have to say the "edge" goes to the mark anderson at dss in carlsbad california he is the ouner and a good friend and he has the 350 and logans running in his showroom the last time i was there.his number is him before you you buy!!.................jim
Donald7, Thanks for your reply i have already bought the Pass X350 and could NOT be happier. Thanks