Pass Labs X350.5 Vs. Mark Levinson ML No. 436?

Looking for insight from folk's who experience with both amp's.
Would be connect to Theta Gen VIII and driving Dynaudio Temptation.

Thanks, Tomer

For what its worth, I always thought the X350 sounded much better than ML's 336. (I used to own the X350 & X600s.)

The 350.5 has been improved, while IMO the ML has slipped. Further, the Pass has better extention (top and bottom) and is more true to your source. I always felt the ML 300/400 series were a bit rolled off in the highs. Cabling is going to play a big part.

The Pass - Theta synergy should be great and your Dynos are going to convey whatever goes into them exceptionally well. Good Luck.
I've listened to several amps vs both the #336 and #436 like the Krell FPB 350MCX, the Classe CAM 350, Krell KSA 250, and Bryston throught my Revel Salons. I found the that the #436 sounded much better than the newer Krells, (the dealer who loaned them to me confirmed this too) fuller bottom end, much more listenable, I thought the Classes sounded way underpowered and anemic, and the Bryston on the light side of the spectrum more like the Krells, (I have the least experience with this amp) The Krell KSA 250 running full class A has a tube like sound that the #436 couldn't match and a wide soundstage. The low end of the Krell was very dynamic but not as controlled and musical as the 436. The #336 is a good amp, and I owned it for over a year, but the #436 beat it in every aspect except looks, (I like the heatsinks.)
The guys at Audio Reveloultion list the 436 as one of the top products, and several of their reviewers have sold their previous amps to install 436s in their system.
The 436 has also been favorably reviewed in the Absoulute Sound, and Sterophile.
I have not heard the Pass amps at all, there are no dealers in my area, but I know they sound great by reputation.
Hope this helps.
ML 436!...for me.. generally the Pass Labs not have a good control of the low range..
I have not heard the Pass Amps as of yet but plan to do so. So far. The 436 is the best sounding amp I've ever had in my system. I've had other great amps like Ayre V1XE but still preferred the 436

Where did you hear that Pass amps do not have good control of bass? They have one of the most realistic bass around. Just do a search on Pass amps in this forum, and read the reviews. This has been pointed out repeatedly by reviews and owners.

I had a 333 for 8 years, but traded it in for the X350.5 after the 333's capacitors blew up on me for the third time. I had paired the 333 with a pair of Thiel 3.6 at that time. I actually was more interested to upgrade my speakers than the amp at that time. After hearing the X350.5 with the Thiel 3.6, I had some second thoughts about replacing the speakers. (Currently driving a pair of Parsifal Encores)

A friend with a pair of B&W 802s came over for a listen few days after the amp arrived fresh from the factory, not even fully broken in yet. He had been using a 432 in his system. He went home, put his 432 on Audiogon, and bought an X350.5 that weekend. He is currently using a pair of Dynaudio C4. The guy is a big time trader on Audigon. Everything in his system has changed in the past 2 years except the X350.5, so I guess that speaks something about the Pass. I know he was tweaking his C4s for quite a while. It seems finicky regarding placement. It may just be due to his listening area.