Pass Labs X260.8 owners please check in ....

How do you like your amps? Did you try another Pass amp before settling on these? Do you have any experience with the X250.8? What speakers are you pairing with them? Thank you!!!!
Hi ebm,

Had a 350.8? Have you moved on? What do you have now, amp, preamp and speaker?
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Magico Q3s ,Audiaflight Stremento #4 MK 2 amp,CJ ET5 preamp and all Furutech top of the line speaker cables and power cords.Also using 2 Audience 6TSSDOX line conditioners one for amp and the other for preamp,CD player and TW AC3 turntable with TW tonearm and all BN upgrades with Transfiguration Proteus cartridge.  
Thank you ebm, wow, very nice! I didn’t realize you had upgraded. Excellent system.
@ebm yes, didn't realise you had moved on from the Pass Labs X350.8.

How does the Audia Flight Strumento compare sonically?
Audia Flight is much more musical with great tube like midrange wonderful silky highs and exemplary bass detail.The Pass 350.8 is still one of the great amps for driving Magicos however i like the Audia Flight much better it weights over 210 lbs and is made like a tank.What a great hobby oh well enjoy no matter what your system is!!
Never heard about Audiaflight Stremento #4 MK 2 or the brand but 7500 ohm is the lowest input impedance I've seen yet for an amplifier. Makes the preamp or cable matching a bit challenging. But it sure looks like a power house.

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No problem matching cables.Been in this hobby over 40 yrs this is the best built best sounding amp i have ever heard in my home.I have owned many tube amps as well.Good luck!!
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does Audia Flight have representation in the USA? If so, can you suggest a dealer/retailer?

Happy Listening!

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