Pass Labs X250 with merlin VSM-mm/system overhaul?

This is my first post on this board. I own a pair of Merlin VSM-mm's with Super Bam - current CD player is a Sony SCD-555es and amplification is bryston B-60 with occasional berning EA-230 and Bedini 25-25 amplification. I understand that this is not the perfect situation - solid state preamp section on my bryston running the berning or bedini.
I guess I need an overhaul of my system - looking to run a new preamp - ditch the bryston bedini and berning and get a new amplifier. I don't believe that the super high end esoteric stuff is my game - so I don't want to spend more than 2000 for a preamp and similarly on an amp(used). Oh - and I NEED a remote for the pre - not having a remote for the bryston has driven me nuts. tube preamp and ss amp - that's what I'm thinking. Not really interested in an integrated - actually not at ALL.
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before you do anything i suggest to get the lead free power cord for the sbam, get the new 230 mah cells for the same, the cardas merlin lead free jumpers for the vsms and to have the mme mod done to the speakers. this would improve the sound as much as 40 to 50% imho.
cost is very reasonable but for that you will have to mail me at even with your present system you would get so much more body and room filling ability that i think that you may even hold off of the other changes you are asking about. it is always best to get the speaker as far along as one can before electronics changes can sound their best.
many have done what i suggest and stood with their present system after the mod. some have also gone on to improve the rest too after what they hear is possible for themselves.
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think 47lab gaincard, audiosector patek se monos, weiss minerva

-> try peachtree nova or decco 2 - much better (best) digital than your sony. gainclone - a really good low powered solidstate alternative to tubes. enough power for merlins. tube pre included. Its only a matter of taste but the quality is said to be up with the best megabuck gear. its integrated but most probably betters your current separates.