Pass Labs X250 vs. X350

Hi all,

Guess I start a new thread.

Can someone explain to me why the lower model X250 would sound better than the higher model the X350? Please elaborate? Wouldn't the X350 sound/perform better than the X250 if one's system had a harder to drive power hungry speakers (in a large room)given all else equal? I am just quite confused to hear people on this forum say this statement and to have Pass Labs employess acknowledge the X250 is better than the X350 also. Is the X350 really made inferior or just not executed as well as the X250 during the designing process? I am curious to know why. If the X250 is better, how so compared to the X350?

Although they are derivitives of the same design, they use different power transistors. I don't remember the exact details.
I think when people say X250.5 sounds better than X350 they are only talking about timbral qualities. I am pretty sure that the X350 would still drive the more difficult speakers better than the X250.5.

I do agree though that a more proper comparison would be X250 to X250.5 or X350 to X350.5

I haven't had the pleasure to compare the older to the newer model, but I do like my X250.5 a lot. I just regret I didn't buy Pass amps before. Really good stuff.

Anyway, from what I've read(I think may be on TAS website), the newer x.5 series sounds a bit more natural, but again, I only read it. So don't take my word for it. I think absolute sound has a comparison between the x350 and x350.5 in one of the may want to check their website or search the net for X350.5 reviews.